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Staff Directory



305.271.9000 x289


305.271.9000 x292


305.271.9000 x241

Camp Office

305.271.9000 x271

Fitness Center

305.271.9000 x284 (Front Desk), x278 (Weight Room)



Miami Children's Theater

305.271.9000 / 305.274.3595 (Direct)


305.271.9000 x270


305.271.9000 x290

Weight Room

305.271.9000 x278

Adrienne Birkett

Administrative Secretary

305.271.9000 x250

Angela Florez

Chief Financial Officer

305.271.9000 x240

Ann Horenstein

Executive Assistant

305.271.9000 x253

Annette Santana

Cultural Arts/ Adult Dept. Administrative Assistant

305.271.9000 x268

Danny Berry

Director of Danny Berry's JCC Baseball

305.271.9000 x241

Dario Arias


305.271.9000 x225

David Center

Operations Manager

305.271.9000 x224

Derek J. Gelber

Aquatics Director


Doby Charnin

Head Bookkeeper

305.271.9000 x236

Doug Buckley

Athletic Director

305.271.9000 x292

Elyse Molk

Early Childhood Operations Manager

305.271.9000 x263

Emily De Aguiar

Member Services Associate

305.271.9000 x235

Giordany Loffredo

Fitness Center Director

305.271.9000 x277

Ilene Primack

Adult Director

305.271.9000 x264

Irene Tzanani

Interim Assistant Director

305.271.9000 x229

Jacque Covas

IT & Accounting Specialist / Registrar Coordinator

305.271.9000 x270

Jenine Simon

Director of Youth & After School Programming / Assistant Camp Director

305.271.9000 x251

Jodie Berman

Fee Adjustments

305.271.9000 x262

Laurie Turner

Employment Specialist, Jewish Community Services

305.271.9000 x266

Lene Saeger

After School Program and Camp Secretary

305.271.9000 x271

Maralyn Grosswald

Main Operator/Receptionist

305.271.9000 x221

Marcy Levitt

Director of Literary and Performing Arts

305.271.9000 x269

Mark Chellas

Tennis Director

305.271.9000 x290

Michelle Appelrouth-Rader

Camp & Youth Curriculum Director

305.271.9000 x244

Nikki Fernandez

Camp Director / Inclusion Director

305.271.9000 x273

Rosie Ruiz

Seniors' Program Coordinator

305.271.9000 x232

Sandra Blasberg-Imar

ECD Director

305.271.9000 x299

Steve Chin

Martial Arts

305.271.9000 x276

Suzy Breitner

Director of Visual Arts

305.271.9000 x265

Veronica Yanco

Early Childhood Administrative Assistant

305.271.9000 x301

Yolanda Perez

Community Engagement and Special Events Manager & JCC Maccabi Delegation Head

305.271.9000 243

11155 SW 112 Avenue, Miami FL 33176

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