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Our High Quality Learning Program

Come Explore our Preschool! 
Glen Greenstein Early Childhood Development Center at the Alper JCC
Take a tour of our award winning school and meet our preschool Director. 
Please complete this contact form for more information or to schedule a school tour. You can also contact us at 305.271.9000 x301 or email
Referral Offer: Current ECD families - Refer a friend and get $50 off tuition 
In a warm and caring environment, the Glen Greenstein Early Childhood Development Center (ECD) provides...
  • Children are Constructivist Learners - We are a constructivist progressive school - which means we are constantly evolving, constructing our own school philosophy and curriculum out of progressive philosophies.

  • Low classroom ratios - In addition to low staf to child ratios, our group sizes remain low in accordance with our A.P.P.L.E. accreditation and to maintain our high quality standards.

  • Families as Engaged Partners - Family engagement is essential to building a quality school community. When families are engaged partners, children and their families have opportunities to celebrate Jewish life, diversity is embraced, and communication about each child is ongoing and supportive. 

  • Certified Staff in Early Childhood - They also receive ongoing supervisory support and in-service training.

  • Environments as inspiration for inquiry - At the JCC Early Childhood Learning Center, our vision for the indoor and outdoor environment suggests an intentional place that provokes wonder, curiosity, intellectual engagement and creativity with endless possibilities.

  • Beautiful 23-acre campus - You will be able to use our state-of-the-art fitness enter, basketball gym, Jr. Olympic size swimming pool, tennis courts, walking path by our lake, playground and more.

For more information, contact, ECD Director or call 305.271.9000 x301.

Register Here for ECD Enrichments including Ballet, Tennis, Swimming 

Register Here for ECD Basketball 

Register Here for ECD Gymnastics

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Registration Form 2019-2020


2 months through 2 years

Taking care of infants and toddlers involves more than just meeting their physical needs. Our caregivers are responsive professionals concerned about all aspects of children's development. By using the clearly defined practices of the HighScope Infant-Toddler Curriculum, caregivers develop close and supportive relationships with the children. Our program creates an environment that recognizes infants' and toddlers' needs to look, listen, wiggle, roll, crawl, climb, rock, bounce, rest, eat, make noise, grasp, mouth or drop things. And even to be messy from time to time!
In our Infant-Toddler program, the physical space is safe, flexible and child-oriented. It provides comfort and accommodates children's changing developmental needs and interests.

Our HighScope comprehensive curriculum addresses all areas of infant-toddler development including:

• Approaches to learning
• Social and emotional development
• Physical development and health
• Communication, language and literacy
• Cognitive development
• Creative arts
Our infant-toddler classrooms are filled with a wide variety of materials for reaching, exploring and playing in their own way at their own pace. Materials appeal to children's senses and have varied properties to help them manipulate their environment and learn to explore.



Three to five year-olds
To provide high quality for our three to five year-old programs we focus on three important areas:

• Adult-child interactions are present when our teachers are working alongside children and communicating with them verbally and nonverbally. This encourages learning. Additional strategies include: supporting children's play, using encouragement instead of praise and taking a problem-solving approach to conflict.

• Our HighScope classroom environments are divided into interest areas filled with real life meaningful materials designed for specific types of play. These include a house area, art area, block area, small toy area, computer area and a reading and writing area. Materials are arranged in consistent places and the shelves are labeled so that children can put away materials themselves. The classroom's organization also helps children understand how the world is organized. They learn concepts such as: more, less, same, different, large, small, in and out.

• During our daily routine there is a consistent framework that provides a balanced variety of active learning opportunities.
Children engage in both individual and social play. They participate in small- and large-group activities, assist with cleanup, socialize during meals, develop self-care skills and exercise their small and large muscles. The most important segment of the daily routine is the“plan-do-review”sequence in which children make significant choices, carry out their ideas and reflect upon their activities with adults and other children.


Why Choose Our ECD Preschool?

• We are an A.P.P.L.E. accredited school (Accredited Professional Preschool Environment) through the Florida Association of Childcare Management (FACCM). This prestigious recognition involved a rigorous process of meeting high criteria in: learning environment; adult-child interactions; staff educational qualifications; adult-child ratios and group sizes; family engagement; program administration; curriculum; assessment and evaluation of the children and program; and community involvement.

• We offer enrichment programs including weekly Shabbat, music with a trained music specialist, creative movement classes, yoga instruction and a bi-monthly physical fitness fun bus program. Ballet, soccer, basketball and Spanish lessons are offered after school for an additional fee.

• Our Judaic components play a significant role in the young child’s development. By integrating Judaic experiences into a child’s life, a wholesome self-concept and a sense of identification is developed with the family, the Jewish community, the American people and the world at large.

• Included in our preschool program are weekly swimming lessons with Swim Gym in our Jr. Olympic-sized pool.

• Our active Parent Association is engaged in all aspects of the program from “funraisers to fundraisers.” We encourage family participation.


Our Facility Features:

• A spacious 18-room building with a large activity room for special events, holiday celebrations, parent-child activities and teacher training
• Beautiful paths and a lake, where children enjoy walks or buggy rides as a part of their daily activities
• Two large, lushly landscaped, age-appropriate playgrounds engage toddlers through preschoolers
• A specially designed, covered patio play area for infants and young toddlers.



Stop by or call 305.271.9000 x301 to schedule your preschool tour.

How To Enroll

All ECD preschool families (excluding free VPK-only) must be Program Members of the Dave and Mary Alper JCC. Program Membership privileges include priority registration, access to members-only programs and full use of the facility including swimming pool, tennis and racquetball courts and indoor basketball gym. Program membership also includes discounts on summer camp, special events and classes. Families may upgrade their membership to include membership in our Fitness Center. To register for ECD preschool, call 305.271.9000 x301.


Tuition costs for our program are based on the child’s class level, length of day, and participation in early or late after care. Our fullday program includes discounted rates for winter and spring minicamps when school is closed for vacation. Flexible Schedules allow parents to choose from a variety of options to meet their childcare needs. We offer full- and extended-day care for infants and toddlers. Two, three and four year-olds have the option of attending part-time (9am-Noon, extended-days until 2pm or 4pm dismissal, and full-days from 7:30am-6pm).


Our Educators

Sandra Blasberg-Imar,  Early Childhood Director
Sandra joined the Alper JCC team in the Summer of 2016 and after a very successful first few months as the Interim Early Childhood Director, Sandra has accepted the position as the Early Childhood Director of our Glen Greenstein ECD. Prior to joining the Alper JCC family, Sandra was the Early Childhood Director at the Mandel JCC in Boynton Beach, and Assistant Director at Temple Moriah in suburban Chicago. Sandra is also part of the prestigious Sheva-Covenant Early Childhood Directors Institute, sponsored by the Covenant Foundation and JCC Association. She holds a Bachelor’s in Physical Education and a Master’s in Jewish Professional studies.

Sandra has done an incredible job re-invigorating our ECD community; parents, children, and staff.  She has begun to implement a more child-centered developmental approach, that has been both well received, and is showing meaningful gains in the classroom.  Sandra is regularly in the rooms observing and making small adjustments with both the teachers and the children.  She has exceeded our expectations and we are so happy to have her as the one in charge of our tiniest JCC members. For more information, contact, ECD Director or call 305.271.9000 x301.

Teachers & Specialists
The staff includes teachers, assistants and specialists. All teachers hold a bachelor’s degree, associate of arts degree or early childhood certificate. The entire staff has taken the childcare training courses required by Miami-Dade County, as well as first aid and CPR. They have undergone a background screening and fingerprinting process, which is monitored by The Department of Children and Families and Childcare Licensing and Enforcement. As part of their continuing education, staff members are required to attend in-service classes throughout the school year.

11155 SW 112 Avenue, Miami FL 33176

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