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JDays After School Program

The Alper JCC is excited to announce the opening of our ”in-person” after school JDays program beginning September 21st! Many parents have expressed their need for their children to be able to participate in an “actual’” after-school program, as their kids have spent the majority of the day in front of a computer. We could not agree more, so we have committed to offer a fun, safe program here at the JCC!
Safety is our highest priority and we have had the opportunity to practice and refine all of the new protocols and procedures to keep our students, families and staff safe. We follow the CDC guidelines in cleaning and using of PPE such as masks, sanitizing equipment and approved cleaning supplies. We will be thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing all high touch areas and surfaces throughout the day. All participants will have their temperature taken when they begin our program each day, there will be frequent hand washing and hand sanitizers throughout the JCC. 
Our student groups will be small, as we are keeping our ratios low. Each group will be self -contained and groups will not co-mingle. Students will be socially distanced when in the building or outdoors. We have many fun activities that your children will enjoy in our JDays program that runs Monday through Friday from 2:00 until 6:00 pm. We understand how important it is to socialize safely and all of us know how we miss those interactions. Our program integrates many of the practices schools will incorporate and we feel this JDays program will make the return to the classroom easier for your child.
We can’t wait to see your child back home at the Alper JCC. 

*There will be limited funds available through The Children’s Trust grant.  Please contact Laura Roberts for more information.


Should you have any questions, please contact Laura Roberts.


General Information


  • Children's Museum and Youth and Adult Lounge for special events

  • Outdoor play area for sports including a basketball court

  • Playground for children with picnic area

  • Air-conditioned gym

  • Tennis Courts

  • 25-yard swimming pool 



Nurturing and caring, the JDays staff respect and value the diversity of each child. Every JDays Staff has a completed DCF-background check.


Alper JCC Classes

Take advantage of the many classes offered through different departments at the JCC such as KidFit, tennis, and swimming. 

Children enrolled in the JDays Year Round receive a discount on many of these programs.


Registration Information

JCC Membership is NOT included in JDays After School Program.
If you are not already a member, please click here to fill out the necessary forms.



Click here for the Fee Schedule for the JDays 2020-2021.


Immunizations :

The Alper JCC requires that all participants must be vaccinated and provide a current immunization record. The Alper JCC does not allow for religious or personal exemptions. The only exemption allowed is from a medical doctor with full explanation as to why the child can’t be vaccinated.


Cancellation and Refund Policy :


1. I UNDERSTAND that my monthly payments for my JDays Registration will remain in full force until the end of the school year or until I notify the Alper JCC in writing, 30-days prior that I wish to withdraw my child.

2. CANCELLATION/ WITHDRAWAL REQUESTS- All cancellations/withdrawals require 30 days advanced written notice to the JDays Office prior to withdrawing from JDays.

3. I UNDERSTAND that if I withdraw my child from JDays that I am responsible for all JDays payments including the 30-day cancellation period and AUTHORIZE the Alper JCC to charge my credit/debit card.

4. DECLINED CREDIT CARD/ RETURNED CHECKS- I understand that I am responsible and AUTHORIZE a $25 fee to be charged to the credit/debit card attached to my monthly draft for each declined credit card charge. I understand that I am responsible for a $25 fee for each returned check.

5. I UNDERSTAND that my monthly JDays payment is due in full on the 10th of each month. I understand that there are NO Partial payments or Refunds due to absences, illness, vacations or inclement weather.

6. I UNDERSTAND that if I do withdraw my child from JDays and then want to re-enroll in JDays later in the same school year there is a re-enrollment fee of $50/Members and $65/Non-Members per child.

7. I UNDERSTAND that in the event the JDays program is closed for less than two weeks due to Covid-19 related circumstances, which may happen multiple times non-consecutively throughout the school year, I will be charged the full rate for the month. If the JDays program is closed for more than two weeks due to Covid-19 related circumstances, I will only be charged the days the program was open and the first two weeks of closure.

8. I UNDERSTAND families with outstanding balances of 30 days or more may be subject to withdrawal of their child/children from programs.

9. I UNDERSTAND that JDays closes promptly at 6:00pm Monday-Friday. LATE Pick-up any time between 6:00-6:05pm on Monday-Friday, I will be charged $10. LATE Pick-up after 6:05pm on Monday-Friday, I will be charged an additional rate of $1 per minute. LATE Pick-up fee is due at time of pick-up.

10. Changes- All JDays changes must be submitted in writing via email to the JDays Office ( and are subject to a $20 change fee.

11. DISMISSAL- The JDays Director reserves the right to terminate or suspend any child or deny his/her participation in any activity including off-campus fieldtrips, if his/her conduct, influence or behavior is deemed unsatisfactory or harmful and not in the best interest of the program. NO REFUNDS will be given if a child is asked to leave.

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