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Imagine The Possibilities







The Dave and Mary Alper JCC on the Jay Morton-Levinthal Campus is more than a recreational center, more than a place to make friends and exchange information and ideas. Our JCC is the very center of our Jewish identity and community in South Florida.

For thousands of years the Jewish people have used the arts and education to enrich our lives, celebrate our traditions and build our unique identity. Art, music, poetry and writings help to preserve our culture from generation to generation bringing people together from every background to celebrate and enjoy.

Creating our Future

We need you to ensure the future of the arts in our community. With your help the Noreen and Steven Sablotsky Cultural Arts Center can be a place of unlimited possibilities. 

All of this can be possible if, through Neshama, we can guarantee the funding of programs, projects and exhibitions.

Neshama, which means "soul" or "spirit", is a women's giving circle, created to nurture the art and soul of the cultural arts programs at the Dave and Mary Alper JCC.

Neshama perpetuates the richness of Jewish heritage for our South Dade Community.


Imagine The Possibilities

Dare To Dream


For information on becoming a member of Neshama,

contact Ann Horenstein at




11155 SW 112 Avenue, Miami FL 33176

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