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Below are resources for you to stay fit at home during the closure! 


Alper JCC Fitness Videos 


Silver Sneakers with Annette 03/18/2020 11:30 AM
Yoga with Bianca 03/19/2020 10: 30 AM
Salsa Aerobics with Martha 03/19/2020 11:30 AM
Kids Yoga with Bianca 03/19/2020 12:00 PM
Restorative Yoga with Alex 03/19/2020 1:30 PM
Silver Sneakers Yoga with Annette 03/20/2020  
Total Body Workout with Annette 03/20/2020  
Barre with Bianca 03/22/2020  
Barre with Annette 03/24/2020  
Gentle Stretching and Meditation with Grisell 03/24/2020  
Pilates with Annette 03/25/2020  
Vinyasa Yoga with Bianca 03/25/2020  
Workout with Robby 03/25/2020  
20/20/20 Cardio with Annette 03/26/2020  
Salsa Aerobics with Martha 03/26/2020  
Hiyatha Yoga with Grisell 03/26/2020  
Chair Yoga with Grisell 03/26/2020  
Stretch and Relax with Bianca 03/26/2020  
HIIT Workout Cardio and Abs with Bianca 03/27/2020  
Slow Flow with Melanie 03/27/2020  
Gentle Flow with Melanie 03/28/2020  
Floor and Core 03/29/2020  
Silver Sneakers Cardio Yoga 03/30/2020  
Zumba with Diana 03/30/2020  
Vinyasa with Bianca 03/30/2020  
Sunset Yoga Flow with Melanie 03/30/2020  
Barre wtih Annette 03/31/2020  
Quick home workout with Coach JC 03/31/2020  
Zumba with Martha 03/31/2020  
Zumba with Martha 03/31/2020  
Therapeutic Yoga with Grisell 03/31/2020  
Sunset Yoga Flow with Melanie 03/31/2020  
Power Pilates with Annette 04/01/2020  
Silver Sneakers Circuit 12 with Diana 04/01/2020  
Vinyasa with Bianca 04/01/2020  
20/20/20 Cardio with Annette 04/02/2020  
Morning Meditation with Melanie 04/02/2020  
Zumba with Martha 04/02/2020  
Barre with Bianca 04/02/2020  
Silver Sneakers Chair Yoga with Annette 04/03/2020  
Restorative Yoga with Alex 04/03/2020  
Dance Fitness with Martha 04/03/2020  
Dance Fitness with Martha pt2 04/03/2020  
Legs and Booty Bootcamp with Patty 04/03/2020  
TRX Full Body Blast with Patty 04/04/2020  
Classic Mat Pilates with Evelyn 04/04/2020  
Tai Chi/Qigong with Grisell 04/04/2020  
Silver Sneakers Chair Yoga with Grisell 04/04/2020  
Leg and Booty Boot Camp with Patty 04/05/2020  
Chair Yoga with Alex 04/05/2020  


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