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Babies & Toddlers


Children that are 5 and Older

  • Swim School recommends the following programs, which are great resources for the children to work at home.


For parents and children of all ages


Alper J Swim Club Group

  • Follow us on Facebook to stay updated with the latest info and get access to the following classes:
    • Dryland by Coach JC: M,W,F @ 10:00 am
    • Masters Swimming workout by Coach Derek: M,W,F @ 12:00 pm
    • Yoga Video by Coach JC: Tues & Thurs @ 4:00 pm
    • Water Safety by Coach Alina: Tues & Thurs 4:00 pm
    • Nutritional Meal of the Day by Coach JC: M,W,F @ 1:00 pm
    • Right Brain by Coach Derek: Thurs & Sat @ 12:00 pm
    • Dryland mobility for water aerobics by Coach Alina: Tues & Thurs @ 10:00 am
    • Coach Derek will also send out a virtual triathlon that will take place all next week. Members are to video themselves, post short videos, and post final results.



11155 SW 112 Avenue, Miami FL 33176

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